The Jesters are headed back to North Georgia to the always wonderful North Hall High School Speech and Debate Tournament this weekend. It promises to be a grand time! For the parent permission form, CLICK HERE! Additionally, if you would like to know about the tournament itself, click on the following links: North Hall Invite, North Hall Schedule and North Hall Fees and Judges

Results for North Hall High School Speech and Debate Tournament, held September 29:
Open Public Forum Debate: 1st Place- Salome Kakalashvili** and Katherine Zakharova**; 2nd Place- Olivia Veira and Samantha Dean**; 4th Place- Jennifer Moody and Carson Shadwell; 1st Place Speaker- Samantha Dean; 2nd Place Speaker- Katherine Zakharova; 3rd Place Speaker- Salome Kakalashvili; 4th Place Speaker- Jennifer Moody
Open Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 1st Place- Zoe Schneider**; 2nd Place- Rachel Citrin; 3rd Place- Logan Mann**; 5th Place- Gilbert Young; PLEASE NOTE ALL OF THESE LD DEBATERS WERE UNDEFEATED AT THE TOURNAMENT!; 1st Place Speaker- Jamie Reid**; 2nd Place Speaker- Will Taft; 3rd Speaker- Zoe Schneider; 4th Place Speaker- Rachel Citrin
Dramatic Interpretation: 3rd Place- Rex Petersen
Impromptu Speaking: 6th Place- Rex Petersen
Extemporaneous Speaking: 3rd Place- Isabel Olson**; 5th Place- Max Rabb**
Overall Debate Sweepstakes Champion.

** = full qualification for GFCA Varsity State Championships in March

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