We have many Jesters to congratulate for their recognition at the past couple tournaments – so rather than filling the newsletter, I decided they deserved a post all to themselves!

Johns Creek HS Tournament results from Oct 12-13:

Extemporaneous Speaking:
2nd Place, Ben Simonds-Malamud
Impromptu Speaking:
2nd Place, Rex Petersen; Finalist, Ben Simonds-Malamud
Dramatic Interpretation:
2nd Place, Rex Petersen
Lincoln Douglas Debate:
Quarterfinalist, Jamie Reid; Finalist, Tiger Li
Public Forum Debate:
Semifinalists, Grace Power and Riley Erickson; Quarterfinalists, Olivia Veira and Rachel Citrin; Octofinalists, Salome Kakalashvili and Kathy Zakharova; 13th Speaker, Rachel Citrin; 9th Speaker, Salome Kakalashvili; 5th Speaker, Riley Erickson

Bruce Rogers Classic Results from October 19-20:

Lincoln Douglas Debate:
4th Place, Morgan Choi; 3rd Place, Will Taft; 2nd Place, Zoe Schneider; 1st Place, Rachel Citrin
Novice Public Forum Debate:
3rd Place, Lucy Lombardo and Mia Panarites; 2nd Place, Zach Peters and Vincent James
Varsity Public Forum Debate:
Octofinalists, Adam Schatz and Noah Li; Finalists, Ben Simonds-Malamud and Isabelle Taft; Champions, Grace Power and Olivia Veira