Grady Is Going to Nationals…Again!

Its been two weeks since the Georgia Northern Mountain District Tournament, the qualifier for the National Forensic League Tournament during this upcoming summer. No one had posted anything about Grady’s latest success in all this chaos: Policy: John Holland & Minh Lam, Holden Choi and Michael Barlow Public Forum: Michael Robinson & Lucas Bailey Lincoln Douglas: Stephanie Styles, Tyler Olson Original Oratory: Scott Bremer, Demarius Walker Duo Interpretation: Hannah Mitchell, Wesley [&hellip

Barkley Forum Information

This weekend we will be attending The Barkley Forum.  The tournament is quite different from other Georgia tournaments, so I want to make sure details are known.  Student attending include: Stephanie Styles, Tyler Olson, Emily Atkinson, Scott Bremer, Matt Ward, Taylor Walker, Hannah Snowden, Hannah Mitchell, James Holland, John Holland, Michael Barlow, Erin Dabbs, Kaylin Morton, JP Patterson, Grayson Blake, Lucas Bailey and Mike Robinson.  This is a TWO DAY [&hellip

An Autumn Argument- The Results

This weekend we are attending the “Autumn Argument” at Sequoyah High School in Canton, GA. We have 30 students attending, and I know someone is bound to forget it, so here is the Sequoyah permission slip.  Pertinent information regarding the tournament can be found if you scroll down a little bit more. Mario Results from the tournament: Varsity Policy Debate- 9th place Speaker- Ngoc Vu Lincoln-Douglas Debate- 3rd place: Markeith [&hellip

Grady Sweeps Debate and Speech Divisions at Northside!

Winner of Individual Events and Debate Sweepstakes Extemp 3rd – James Holland 2nd – Emily Atkinson 1st – Scott Bremer Dramatic Interpretation 2nd – Matt Ward 1st – Laura King Original Oratory 2nd – Willamae Bolling 1st – Scott Bremer Impromptu Speaking 3rd – James Holland Lincoln-Douglas 3rd – Stephanie Styles 2nd – Tyler Olson 1st – Demarius Walker Public Forum Speaker Awards 9th – Ben Power 8th – Nick Miller 7th – [&hellip

Northside HS Participants

Per parent request, here is a list of students attending the tournament this weekend, October 24 and 25, at Northside HS in Warner Robins, GA. Also, here is the link to the permission form for the tournament

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